Boris Johnson is under fire after the Supreme Court stroke down the anti-gay law in Bermuda


The Domestic Partnership Act of Bermuda (which actually meant repealing of marriage equality in the country) was signed off by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office was found to violate human rights by Bermuda’s Supreme Court. And the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has come under fire for refusing to intervene in the situation before, when he was asked about it. Though, Johnson had all legal rights to influence the situation, moreover, LGBT Bermudans believe that it was his direct duty, because providing basic human rights for all citizens is a job of the Foreign Secretary. And many British politicians agreed with such a viewpoint. Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry, in part, said: “When Boris Johnson explained his abysmal decision to allow the Bermuda same-sex marriage ban in February, he said it was because there was no legal or constitutional basis for him to stop it. In other words, the Bermudian Supreme Court has had to do Boris Johnson’s job for him. He should be ashamed of that and needs to explain himself.”


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