Cruise giant hopes to continue officiating same-sex marriages onboard folloving the Bermuda battle


Cruise ship giant Carnival says that it is in their plans to come back to the onboard gay weddings as soon as possible as there are no more legal obstacles for them to do it. Carnival was forced to scrap same-sex weddings onboard its 24 vessels registered in Bermuda earlier this year when the British Overseas Territory enacted a law repealing marriage equality for the first time The Bermudian Supreme Court struck down the law last month, finding that it violates the Constitutional rights of gay people to deny them the right to marry. It influences the cruise company directly. Carnival UK president Josh Weinstein has made a statement congratulating Bermuda with such a decision. “As a company committed to equality, inclusion and diversity, we believe everyone deserves equal dignity and respect, and we are proud to have provided our support to OutBermuda’s efforts to champion marriage equality. We will now be working closely with the Bermudan authorities to understand when we will be able to resume marrying same sex couples on board,” he said in a statement.


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