Leader of Bulgarian opposition rejected an invitation to the Pride


The leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, the second main political party in Bulgaria, has refused an invitation to Sofia Pride claiming she is not supporting LGBT rights, especially when it comes to marriage and adoption. Korneliya Ninova represents the Bulgarian Socialist Party is the main opposition party in the country, and is considered more liberal than the right-wing GERB, which stands for Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, which is currently in power. Ms Ninova said that as a politician she respects diversity and considers tackling discrimination in all its shapes as a primary task. She is sure that some of the members of her party are ready to attend the Pride and to represent the party’s true views on this issue. But they do not coincide with her views as a person, so she personally would not be attending. “Thank you for your invitation towards me and all members of our team to get involved on Sofia Pride 2018,” Ninova wrote in an open letter to the chair of the Sofia Pride organizational committee.


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