New York City council member demands gender-segregated beach days


A member of the New York City council has said he will sponsor two gender-segregated beach days for deeply religious people this summer. Chaim Deutsch, a Democratic City Council member, said he will rent a beach to host a “Southern Brooklyn Beach Day” for men and women from day to day because it would be uncomfortable for people in some religious communities, in part Orthodox Jews and Muslims, to have a beach rest with people of the opposite sex by their side. He added women and men of all religions would be welcome to attend the separate beach days. In response to the news, Donna Lieberman, the executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, said that such a step can be defined as nothing rather than discrimination on the basis of gender. “It is one thing for the city to provide reasonable accommodation for religious practice, and quite another to limit the public access of everybody else,” said Lieberman.


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