Olly Alexander defends Rita Ora in ‘Girls’ backlash


The openly gay vocalist of Years & Years (the band has released its second album Palo Santo last week) came in defense of his colleague Rita Ora, who faced a lot of backlash in the wake of her Sapphic love anthem ‘Girls’. Queer celebrities, in part Kehlani and Hayley Kiyoko, accused Ora of misrepresentation women loving women in the song. But Alexander was one of those who believed that Rita had all rights to share her story with public. Olly added that he is sorry that Rita came out forcefully in the wake of all this speculation. He believes that it should not have happened this way. “There is a lot of erasion that happens with bisexual people, so I understand the backlash, but I think Rita has been dealing with it pretty well and I support her and I support the girls on that song,” Olly added, noting that the expression of sexuality is a personal thing and people are free to decide for themselves how to do it and whether to do it at all.


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