The father of Ted Cruz is such as homophobic as his son


US Republican Senator Ted Cruz is known for his extreme anti-gay views. His father Rafael Cruz is also far from being LGBT-supportive. Moreover, he is an evangelical preacher. Many of these people remember all the Biblical verses stating that gay sex is sinful. But for some reasons they forget that hating and judging others is a much bigger sin. Pastor Cruz is not an exception, and he showed it when he came with a speech in support of the US Senate candidate E.W. Jackson. In the clip picked up by Right Wing Watch, Cruz Sr attacks the US Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling that secured marriage equality, claiming the decision was illegitimate because the Constitution does not mention the word “family”, saying that the SCOTUS decision had made it possible to define two men and a horse as a family. Well, if two men have a horse as a pet, then why not? But as for bestiality (and that is what Mr. Cruz probably meant), firstly, it was not mentioned in the SCOTUS decision about redefining marriage, and secondly, it is still illegal in the USA.


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