Israeli pro wrestler comes out as gay


The men’s champion of Israel’s pro-wrestling league has revealed that he is gay as the league expressed support to the Pride in the country’s capital Tel Aviv. Nir Rotenberg, who performs as Rixon Ruas, won the Israeli pro-wrestling title this year – and his decision to tell the truth about his sexuality was strongly supported by the fellow wrestlers and the League’s officials. Speaking in Hebrew to the Israeli media outlet WDG (the interview was later translated by the local website Wider Bridge, an LGBT resource in English), the sportsman explained why he came out and why to do it now. He said that his success in wrestling turned him into a role model for many young people, so he believes that his coming out will empower the LGBT youth and encourage them to be honest about who they are. He, as he began his career in wrestling, would wish to have a gay role model in this sport. If there was such person in his life, it would be much easier for him to accept his full personality. And now he is mature enough to speak out and to become such a person for those young gay wrestlers who still need a role model.


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