Former Chelsea player is under fire for sexist remarks


Former Chelsea player Jason Cundy appeared at Good Morning Britain, where he made a controversial remark. He claimed that women could not be football commentators because their voices are too high. Piers Morgan responded that the only thing a commentator needs is loving and understanding football, those who think that gender could influence it are ‘sexist pigs’. That’s what he literally said, adding that Cundy himself has a high voice, though he is a man. Cundy’s comments come after Vicki Sparks made history by becoming the first ever woman to commentate live on a World Cup game. The BBC journalist appeared alongside co-commentator Martin Keown for Portugal’s game against Morocco. “I prefer to hear a male voice when watching football – for 90 minutes of hearing a high pitched tone isn’t really what I would like to hear – and when there is a moment of drama as there often is in football, that moment actually I think needs to be done with a slightly lower voice,” Cundy said, “For 90 minutes I would rather prefer to listen to a male voice when I’m watching football. I consume a lot of football – to listen to that voice. It’s like, would you rather listen to Ed Sheeran or Celine Dion? We all have a choice.” Okay, if to look from this point of view, one thing is being a massive fan of Ed Sheeran, thinking he is fabulous and preferring him over any other singer in this world. But another thing is to say that Celine Dion, who is also incredibly talented, and even those who don’t like her songs admit it, cannot be a good vocalist because she is a woman and her voice is too high for it.


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