LGBT Russians are concerned about their future after the World Cup


The head of the Russian LGBT Sport Federation, Aleksandr Agapov told the Press Association that the Russian authorities became more tolerant to LGBT people as the World Cup is held. To tell exactly, they pretend to be more tolerant to LGBT foreigners in order not to spoil the international image of the country. But what about the locals who will have to continue living there after the championship, when there is no need in pretending tolerant anymore and Russians authorities are able to show their real attitude to these people? Agapov also highlighted the hypocrisy of the officials, relating to a law passed in 2013, which bans the promotion of homosexuality to children, as there were many children attending the World Cup matches, and there were many LGBT fans waving rainbow flags (Agarov himself was one of them), it did not lead to anything extraordinary. But unfortunately he doubts that it is going to work the same when foreign tourists go back home. “So it was the case for implementing the anti-gay legislation. On other days I’m pretty sure this legislation would have been applied in this case. The anti-gay legislation is still there, nobody is going to cancel it,” the activist concludes.


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