Mother goes furious as her child’s school teaches pupils about LGBT without the parents’ permission


The anonymous mother complained on the Heavers Farm Primary School in Croydon, south London that started to hold LGBT-inclusive classes without discussing it with the pupils’ parents first. The woman was shocked when she found out that her son knows what each letter in the LGBT acronym stands for and no one other than his school teacher had told him about it. The woman believes that the 4-grader is too small to fully understand the meaning of these things, so there is no need to tell him about it now. Diversity is great, learning about it is great, the woman believes. Children should know about it, but only when they are mature enough to understand all the aspects of sexual attractions and gender expression. The school’s headteacher has defended the move as part of a wider curriculum on social issues. “We have a number of children in LGBT families, and we feel that it is important that they feel valued in our schools. This work forms a key part of our federation’s vision and values. We are planning a ‘pride parade’ on June 29, 2018, to which parents have been invited. This is planned to be a celebration of what makes the children proud. This can be what makes them proud about themselves and or what makes them and their families special. The children have been making banners to represent this and they will carry these banners on the parade.”


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