Nicola Sturgeon fires a minister for anti-trans remarks


SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon has dropped a newly nominated Minister from the cabinet following the re-discovery of a series of transphobic claims she used to make. Gillian Martin had her nomination for a cabinet position withdrawn by the Scottish First Minister as her transphobic blog posts from 2007 were discovered by the media and went viral. Martin had previously been nominated as the Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science in Wednesday’s cabinet reshuffle and was expected to be confirmed, but Ms Sturgeon refused to do it in the wake of the backlash. Following the publication of the remarks, Martin has officially apologized and admitted that it was wrong to use offensive slurs and these words did not reflect her views on the trans community even when she wrote them. “That is entirely my fault and I am sorry for it. That’s why, when this blog was last raised publicly two years ago, I apologized and I am more than happy to reservedly apologize again today,” she wrote.


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