Adam Rippon appeared on the cover of the EPSN body issue. Completely naked


The openly gay Olympic medalist and the first gay male celebrity to win Dancing with the stars appeared on the cover of the famous magazine in figure skates. And he had nothing else on, as it is a tradition of the magazine to shoot the athletes naked. “Getting to shoot @espn’s Body Issue was amazing, but being one of their covers is so awesome, unreal, and honestly WTFFFF!!!” the sportsman shared his excitement via Twitter. In the interview to the magazine he confessed that would have never posed naked while in closet. But now, as he is out and proud, he accepts himself fully and there is nothing for him to be afraid or ashamed of. He has no more complexes, though it has not always been like that. He wanted to be thinner and thinner, as his fellow figure skaters, even in spite of that fact that they were 10 years younger. Adam literally starved himself and needed medical help to stop it. He also hopes that media won’t call him a gay Olympian anymore. No, he does not think that being gay Olympian is bad, but when it comes to sport, he wants people’s attention to be focused on sport, not on whom he sleeps with. He added: “I wasn’t expecting so many people to contact me [after the Olympics] and tell me they were struggling with being themselves. I went through that personal struggle and got to a point where I was like, ‘F*** it. I’m just going to be me and not worry about it.’ I am glad I was able to represent a person who was really unabashedly himself.”


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