Campaigners tell Theresa May that pardoned gay men should receive compensation


LGBT rights campaigners led by Peter Tatchell have called on the government to compensate gay men who were legally charged with homosexuality before it was decriminalized in the country. Tatchell, along with other campaigners including Lord Michael Cashman and the great niece of Alan Turing, issued a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May stating that legally pardoning gay men is a great thing but their struggle should be compensated financially. The veteran LGBT rights campaigner highlighted that of the 100,000 men convicted under the anti-gay laws prior to the partial decriminalization of homosexuality in 1967, more than10 000 of them are now alive. In the letter delivered to the Prime Minister, Tatchell justified compensation for the living men by highlighting the tangible and financial consequences they faced as they were persecuted for being gay.


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