Daniel Franzese split from fiancé


The star, who played Damien, aka Glen Coco or “too gay to function” in Mean Girls, has said that his engagement is over and he and his boyfriend Joseph Bradley Phillips chose to go separated ways. But deep inside his mind he still believes that these ways could cross again one day. He hopes to remain friends with ex beloved, but now the individual growth of each of them is the top priority. Now they both are going through a very complicated period and they think they need some time to heal it. They are both supported by their families and friends and they are grateful for it. But as for the public, they asked to respect their decision and their right for privacy. Franzese, 40, proposed to Phillips in 2016 at the Starbucks where they first met. He had a barista call out “Mr. and Mr. Franzese” before he got down on one knee, reported Page Six.


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