Publisher releases LGBT-themed books for free


To celebrate UK Pride Month, one esteemed publisher will be offering a series of journals, books and excerpts on what it actually means to be gay. Books and journals, such as In Defense Of Plural Marriage, Alan M Turing and Animal Sexuality can be read from Cambridge University’s Press’ archive. One of the academics, Professor Susan Golombok, has documented the changing battle to redefine the family in her work Modern Families: Parents and children in new family forms, inspired by a magazine article about two lesbian moms one of whom was unable to see her child after the divorce. The custody cases, which the mothers always lost, were really based on prejudice and assumption rather than any concrete data. Judges didn’t have any evidence so they tended to go for more traditional families, so the further research on lesbian moms and child development was required. The professor was specialized on child development and decided to study it further. Professor Golombok said: “Having so much freely available for Pride Month is a very positive thing for all of the authors who are working on LGBT+ issues. It’s great that Cambridge University Press is promoting our work.” The books will be available for free by the end of this month.


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