The Scottish First Minister wants to turn her country into the leader in transgender rights


Nicola Sturgeon said that for Scotland to develop into the first-level country the transgender rights reform is obligatory. Scotland recently consulted on proposals to streamline the process for transgender people to change their legal gender, which is currently governed by the Gender Recognition Act as well as the rest of the UK. But the First Minister vowed to push ahead with plans to “make Scotland fairer” for trans people despite increasing hostility to reforms in the media. Scotland was the first part of the UK to recognize same-sex marriages and insisted on putting it in question nationwide. So Sturgeon hopes that it will work the same for transgender rights. “The Scottish Government will take firm action against discrimination and homophobia wherever and whenever it happens. We need to do more to ensure that people from all walks of life are better represented in politics, our institutions and across civic and wider society,” she told PinkNews. The FM also added that the nationwide school curriculums should include sex and relationships education and it should definitely include LGBT issues to tackle homophobia and discrimination in the country.


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