Two female rugby players from rivaling teams lock lips after the match


Karina Brown, captain of Queensland Maroons, ended up on the opposing side from her partner Vanessa Foliaki, who plays for the New South Wales Blues, in a match last month. But it still does not mean that they could hold the love they feel to each other for last 4 years. NWS won 16-10, and this win was celebrated on both sides of the sideline — that’s where the two women stood as they shared an emotional kiss. Of course, some watchers were irritated, saying that they wanted to watch a game, and if the two wanted to show love to one another than they should have done it at home. T he NRL, in turn, sent a message of support to the women. When another critic accused them of “sexualising” the women’s league by acknowledging the couple, NRL responded that nothing like that had happened when they posted a picture of one of the male players kissing his wife after the match some time ago, and this is exactly the same thing.


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