Amazon UK is to train the staff about transgender issues


Online retail giant Amazon UK has released a set of new guidelines to teach all employees how to show their transgender co-workers that they are supported and welcomed. Amazon said they will also include support for transgender employees to use bathrooms and uniforms corresponded with their gender identity and also to have their official profiles and photos in them easily changed if they want it. Amazon officials wrote that such a guidline is necessary for those cis workers who could offend or hurt their trans co-workers having no such intension, due to simple unawareness. The staff of Amazon does not tolerate hate, they want to represent themselves as a trans-supporting community, but unfortunately not all of them know how to do it right. Amazon also has confirmed that the benefits they provide will help cover transition-related services, including gender confirmation surgery. With the launch of the toolkit, Amazon highlighted recent researches that show that levels of transphobic abuse at work are terrifying in the UK.


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