Denise Welch’s first onscreen lesbian kiss


Denise Welch will have her first gay onscreen kiss in a new series which has been described as the “Real Lesbian Housewives of West London.” The actress, age 60, plays a mature woman who leaves her spouse after more than 30 years of marriage because she starts to realize that she is attracted to women and begins to identify herself as 3-L — a late life lesbian. All character of the show are women attracted to women, they love, they cheat (or are cheated), they break up, they reunite with their lovers, they bring up kids — actually, they are living normal lives. Creator Jacquie Lawrence (former Channel 4 Commissioning Editor who was responsible for Dyke TV, Queer Street and Coming Out Night) says: “We decided to produce DFG as an independent web/television series as it gave us the freedom to produce a series without compromises or censorship and stay true to the spirit and daring of the original novel.” The goal was to represent queer women in those areas where they are mostly unnoticed, where they have to spend evenings alone because they have no clubs, bars or any other specific venues to meet people like themselves. Burt they still find love, friends and interfere in society, even when it is not completely ready to accept them. he cast also includes: Guinevere Turner (Go Fish, Preaching to the Perverted, American Pyscho); Rachel Shelley (The L Word and Deep State); Victoria Broom (Marcella), Nimmy March (Death in Paradise, Wallander,); Charlie Hardwick (Emmerdale); Toby Sawyer (Hollyoaks, Coronation Street) and Caroline Whitney Smith (Revenge, NCIS).


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