Republicans want to force teachers to report parents if their sons are not manly enough


A Republican-backed bill in Ohio would force teachers to out children to their parents if the express any signs of gender dysphoria or otherwise demonstrate that their gender identity is not corresponded with their biological sex and their behavior differs from that one that is believed to be (stereo)typical for their biological sex. The bill, submitted by Republicans Thomas Brinkman and Paul Zeltwanger, would force schools, doctors, and care providers to immediately notify the parents of any pupil whose behavior would allow to suggest that they could be trans. In this case parents, if they don’t approve their child’s gender identity, would be unlimited in rights to block their child from receiving the necessary treatment for transition, such as hormonal therapy and gender reassignment surgery. The same bill, HB658, also bans schools from referring to pupils who are transgender or gender non-conforming by their chosen pronouns and names in cases when parents do not approve it. Unsurprisingly, the bill faced criticism from LGBT rights groups, who say it would directly enable abuse against LGBT kids and unleash a wave of negative consequences.


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