Young Catholics would love to see Vatican more LGBT-welcoming


A document published by the Vatican shortly after they used the term LGBT for the first time n history, shows that young members of the church would like to it more LGBT-supportive than it is now. The report stated that religious leaders must speak practically about LGBT topics, however controversial they could find them, and whatever their personal opinion about these issues is. The findings are based on a questionnaire from recent national bishops’ conferences and a gathering of approximately 305 young people at the Vatican this spring. The group brought up issues such as contraception, abortion, homosexuality, cohabitation, and marriage, and the survey results supported the idea that the past sexual and financial scandals within the Catholic Church played the key role in separating youth from Catholicism, discrediting this denomination in their eyes. But if the church was telling ‘yes’ oftener than ‘no’, accepted more than rejected, it would attract much more young people. But for this to be possible, the church leaders need to reconsider a number of taboos, in part when it comes to LGBT. Divided into three parts – recognizing, interpreting, and choosing – the document stresses the importance of the church listening to reality, understanding the daily lives of young adults to assist them in discerning their vocational calling, and accompanying them in choosing the right path. The document was published ahead of the upcoming Synod of Bishops – a meeting of the pope’s closest advisors – on the topic of “Young people, faith and vocational discernment” scheduled for this October.


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