Army veteran stood up to homophobia in London bus


Police released a chilling account of the March 25 incident onboard a N87 London night bus in Wandsworth Road, Lambeth. A man was loudly chanting offensive words, including homophobic slurs, and when he was told to stop he punched one of the passengers in the face. Footage recorded by a passenger appears to show the suspect yelling abuse in an altercation with other passengers and later physically assaulting them. Army veteran Lee Wardle had challenged the man to stop him from attacking more people. Wardle, a former Grenadier Guardsman who served in Afghanistan and Northern Ireland, told the London Evening Standard that as a gay man himself he was very distressed to hear the language the attacker was using. “He didn’t hit me, but he went for me and I warned him that it wasn’t a good idea. I’m quite a tall guy,” the veteran remembered, “Adam [the passenger who was assaulted physically — GNE] was a smaller and easier target. He was punched repeatedly and eventually knocked out. [The attacker] can’t think that he has got away with it. I refuse to let him think that he has got away with it.”


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