Cynthia Nixon challenged New York Governor about trans rights again


Cynthia Nixon has blamed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for halting process of recognition transgender rights and failing to ban so-called conversion therapy practices across the state. Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon, a long-time LGBT activist, is standing in the Democratic primary as a left-wing challenger to Andrew Cuomo. Who currently rules the state. Although Democrats are in control of the New York Assembly and are technically in control of the state Senate, Republicans have the practical control of the upper house, and that is why pro-LGBT laws cannot move forward. During Cuomo’s first week in office, the Democratic Governor reportedly made a deal with Republicans that helped them maintain a majority in the Senate by aligning moderate Democrats to vote with them, so Nixon blamed Cuomo of not being democratic enough for such a progressive state as New York. Although many parts of New York, including New York City, feature city-wide non-discrimination protections on the basis of gender identity, there is no statewide protection, and this is the first thing she would have done if she were a governor.


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