Emmerdale trans a speaks out about playing the first trans character in the soap


As we previously reported, actor Ash Palmisciano, who is trans himself, will represent a glow up of a long-lost character the watchers have previously known as Hannah. Now it is an out and proud transgender man named Matty. In his first interview with The Radio Times, Palmisciano says that people like him are unfortunately too rarely represented on mainstream TV, and he is very lucky and excited to influence this situation at least in a slight way. And as with anyone connected to Moira (Natalie Robb), Matty’s entrance is set to be very dramatic and will even see him getting whacked by Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), who confused him for a drug dealer and was ready to kick him out as Moira came back home. “She’s really confused. She can’t work out what’s happened. She knows her child looks different and is completely baffled. And Matty is obviously very emotional – this is the first time they’ve spoken in five years,” Ash says about his character’s reunion with mother, “Moira has been through a lot. I hope they can heal their relationship – I think it would be a beautiful story if they did. I am going to be around for a bit, but let’s just say that things aren’t going to be easy between the two of them.”


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