French officials said that gay couples could only be able to adopt ‘atypical’ kids


Pascale Lemare, who is the adoption services head in the Seine-Maritime region of Normandy, said that 9in France there will always be a priority for straight couples in adoption. And if this claim could be explained (but not excused), by Lemare’s personal belief in so-called ‘traditional family’, his further words were literally terrifying. Lemare said that gay couples were likely to be left with the children that heterosexual couples did not want to adopt because of age, size or disability. Of course, some gay couples would love to adopt such children and give them the future they deserve, especially if there are some foolish straight people who don’t see how special they are because these pure hearts are hidden in bodies they believe to be ‘wrong’. But firstly, are all heterosexual couples who have a noble desire to give a parental love to children who never had it, choosing a child like a new sofa in the living-room — ‘this one suits me, and this one does not, I don’t like it’s shape’ ?! And secondly, does this man want children with special needs to be brought up in a same-sex family with a thought ‘You are here because nobody wanted you, you are wrong, you are broken’?! It is really cruel.


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