Israeli lesbians fight for the right to be recognized as mothers of their child


Mothers Smadar Peker-Nir and Hadas Peker-Nir, who live in Tel Aviv, went through a real bureaucratic hell to be legally recognized as mothers of their newborn twins. Although Smadar gave birth to the twins, her partner had to submit a request for a parentage order to be recognized as a legal guardian of the children who were in intensive care, and that is why the mothers missed the deadline and it was necessary to apply an adoption order with a one-year approval. The mothers complained that for straight women it would be easier — they can actually bring any man and tell he is a father of the child, nobody would check it. The couple decided to take their case to trial. Tel Aviv Family Court ordered that the state should recognize both women as a legal parents, and ordered the government to pay the couple 3,000 shekels ($830) for legal costs within 30 days.


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