Russell Tovey is rumored to have broken up with groom-to-be


Russell Tovey appears to have broken off his engagement with fitness coach Steve Brockman, if to believe his Instagram followers. In one of the recent updates the social media app introduced a new option — asking questions. Tovey, as well as many other Insta-active celebrities, gave his fans such an opportunity. While many of the questions asked about his work, several asked about Tovey’s private life and relationship status and the reason why he and Steve deleted common pictures from social media accounts. Russell refused to respond directly, so one of the Twitter users sent a message to him asking to say whether he and Brockman were still together, and Tovey’s answer was ‘no’, though neither he, nor his fiancé made a public statement that their engagement was over.

In February, Tovey revealed that Brockman had been the one to propose, announcing the engagement on social media and telling friends and family that he was “over the moon.”


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