Leah Remini to play a conservative lesbian


Leah Remini will be returning to the small screen to play a conservative lesbian in an upcoming comedy from the makers of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The project, which title is yet to be confirmed, is telling a story about a Mid-American woman Jean, who splits from husband and marries a woman, so her two sons are raised by 3 parents. She loves America and believes that every American person deserves to live a free happy life without others’ intervention. The writing team and producers include Nick Frenkel, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton, who are responsible for It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, alongside Rob Rosell and Rob McElhenney. However, in recent years the focus has been around her and her family leaving the Church of Scientology because of humiliation people face there. Handmaid’s Tale star and prominent Scientology member Elisabeth Moss, 35, was no longer allowed to speak to her. Scientology brands people who are against it as anti-social. Leah has nothing against Elizabeth, and if she (Moss) understands that this church destroys human relationships (and personalities) with its ridiculous rules, she would love to talk to her again.


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