Man expected disability benefits but was offered a ‘gay cure therapy ‘instead


Keith Morgan was undergoing a Work Capability Assessment in 2012 when he was told by the assessor that he was like a broken car that needed a fix, and the ‘defective’ thing in him was not his disability but the fact he was gay. She told him about a television programme that featured a gay man who had been “cured”, and handed him the address of a Christian website that included details about the way it happens. The man said that he is sick and tired of pressure and lie and it is not a life he would prefer to live. “I am ill enough already, I struggle with day-to-day living and it is getting harder without the added stress. I want to concentrate on my health but how do they ever expect me to make progress?” he asks. The practitioner in the case was given a formal warning by Atos, the contractor which carries out the assessments, and by the General Medical Council. She is suspended and Atos have apologized on her behalf.


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