Philippines demand equal marriage in Supreme Court


The SC of the Philippines has begun a legal challenge demanding legal recognition of same-sex marriages. The challenge is inspired by the gay activist and lawyer Jesus Falcis. He believes that as long as marriage is defined as an opposite-sex union only in the Philippines’ Family Code, the country’s citizens are not fully equal in rights, and it means that the conditions of the Constitution are disobeyed. As for churches, which stand behind all the anti-LGBT laws in the country, they will still be able to preach what they preach and to perform wedding ceremonies the way they see them — marriage equality changes nothing for people who oppose it. They will always be able to live their lives the way they feel, but the thing is to give the same opportunity even to those people with whom they disagree. In his opening arguments, Falis cited the case of gay couple Cresencio Agbayani and Marlon Felipe, who have been together for 12 years but if one of them gets ill or, God forbid, dies, his partner would not be able to solve problems (legal, medical, financial) that would emerge, the law would not allow it because from the legal point of view they are strangers. The Office of the Solicitor General will attempt to defend the law as it stands, arguing that Falcis has no standing to challenge the law and that he has failed to show any negative consequences of the current law.


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