Samuel L. Jackson denies accusations of homophobia


The Pulp Fiction star sent the angry tweet mocking several Republicans involved in the Trump administration, posting a photo of “after-d**k mints,” a comedy product intended for use after oral sex. He wrote that these mints were necessary at White House parties and named some officials that, as he believes, needed it the most, as they were trying so hard to satisfy Mr. Trump. The gay sex gag at President Donald Trump’s expense led to anger on the platform from Republicans, who accused the movie star of homophobia and bigotry. Although many LGBT people weighed in to defend Jackson, the spat led to coverage from pro-Trump outlet Breitbart News, which posted an article attracting a slew of racist comments. The actor himself responded to accusation with laughter and reminded people that he has a long record of supporting LGBT and he is going to continue doing it no matter what.


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