The majority of LGBT people are attracted to more than one gender


Most LGBT people in the US don’t belong to the L or G categories, they prefer not to limit themselves with the gender of their own when they seek love and romantic relationships, the new study says. 51% of men and women (by the way, there are four times more women in the American LGBT community than men) chose to identify themselves as bi or queer, in comparison to 32% of gay men and 16% of lesbians. The percentage of people of color is 15% higher among bi\pan\queer people than among those who identify as gay\lesbian. Nearly half – 46 percent – of those defining themselves as bisexual or queer were between the ages of 18 and 29, which means that though youth have more flexible minds to go beyond any limits and to be diverse in self-expression, mature people are also starting to view sexuality as a spectrum, not as just an ‘either…or…’ concept.


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