The Pope has been challenged by same-sex families for invalidating them


LGBT Catholics have challenged Pope Francis over an assertion that “a man and a woman” is the only model for a family because this is the way God sees it. His comments have been met with anger from LGBT Catholics, who said that such a view on the concept of the family is out-of-date even for conservative religious movements and churches. There are polygamous families, and even the Bible admits them (though the Old Testament only, but still). There are divorced people (the Bible approves divorce in the case of adultery) who raise children alone or co-parent living separately. There are widows and widowers with children who don’t want to marry again, and there is nothing against them in the Bible. There are orphans cared by their grannies and grandpas, aunts and uncles, or other relatives that can be either married or single. There are foster carers and adopters who are not bloodily related to children. And of course there are same-sex families. The Bible disapproves sex between men, but there is no single line about inability of two men or two women (lesbianism, by the way, is not disapproved) to raise children together and to live as a family.


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