A new advert teaches parents to accept transgender children


The ad, created to get customers in Thailand to buy Unilever’s Sunsilk shampoo, is based on the true story of Rock Kwanlada, the first runner-up in last year’s Miss Tiffany Universe, a Thai trans beauty contest. In the advert the woman tries to love and accept herself just the way she is. It starts by telling its audience that trans people “have come a long way in Thai society, but stereotypes are still dominant and family acceptance is still a major barrier.” Written from the point of view of the protagonist’s hair, the narration opens by telling viewers that she has always been told that boys could not have their hair so long, and she responded that she has never actually felt like she was a boy. The child’s father tells her to stand up to other kids who bully her, berating her for ‘allowing’ them to tease her because ‘men do not behave like that’. When her friends present her with a wig, a new set of possibilities open up – until her dad finds the wig and shows it to her, she bursts with tears saying that the father’s forbid to grow hair long led to opposite consequences. “I’ve never asked my father how it feels to have a son like me,” she says. “I’ve been hiding – pretending. I just hope that someday he will know, and accept me for who I am.” Later her father is shown smiling and congratulating her with her win at the beauty competition. Replying to a friend who sent him a message saying “Is this your boy?” with a video of his daughter’s victory speech, the dad writes: “Isn’t she beautiful?” And this emotional ending is made even more tearjerking when it is revealed that Kwanlada still lives with her father.


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