French police arrested men who threatened to commit a homophobic terror attack


Two men in their twenties have reportedly been arrested in France for plotting to carry out a terrorist attack inspired by the Islamic State against LGBT people. Knives, a firing device and Islamist State group propaganda were found during raids conducted by the intelligence service before the two were arrested. “Their plan remains unclear at this stage, but there is evidence to suggest they are targeting homosexuals,” sources familiar with the investigation told the French media, adding that the two are currently in detention on prosecutor’s demand. Sources told L’Express, a French newspaper, that the pair were “very determined,” and that they had mentioned the planned attack in their conversations repeatedly. The friends first came to the attention of French intelligence agencies a few weeks ago, before being arrested on June 9. Another man was also arrested in a separate incident, accused of planning to carry out an attack targeting swingers’ clubs. The suspect, described as a 38-year-old recent convert to Islam, was arrested in the central Indre region of the country.


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