Parents demand to exclude trans athletes from state competitions because they are more likely to win


Transgender students dominated the Connecticut state championships for the girls 100 and 200-metre sprint events and some parents believe it was unfair for their cis children. Terry Miller, a second year at Bulkeley High School, won both the 100 and 200-metre sprint finals, while Andraya Yearwood, a sophomore at Cromwell High School, won second in the 100-metre run, reports US television station WTNH, both of them were trans. Parents believe that it was much more than just a coincidence, trans athletes must have had some privilege and that is why, they insist, trans people cannot fight against cis people of the same gender identity. The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) told WTNH that their policy aligns with state law, which would have to be changed before it is officially possible to change the competitions’ rules. Parents have now started two petitions protesting against the CIAC’s current policy on trans athletes. One of them, held by the mother of one of cis female students, reads that there is nothing bad in being whoever you want to be. If you feel you are a girl, then be a girl, but to her mind it still does not mean that trans and cis girls are totally equal in physical parameters which would allow them to compete again st one another fairly.


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