BBC survey showed that 2% of staff are trans


The BBC’s director of diversity, Tunde Ogungbesan, has spoken about how the corporation has 417 trans staff members one in 50 members of the workforce. Speaking at a conference in June, Ogungbesan also announced plans to bring more trans people and women (especially lesbians) to leading positions. Data was anonymized and only used for statistical purposes, looking at both the numbers and proportion of groups within the BBC and the positions occupied, with a special attention to diversity (sexual, gender, racial, religious, ethnic) on leadership positions. Speaking about the survey results, Ogungbesan said (via Mail on Sunday): “The BBC understands the benefit of a diverse and inclusive organization. We have moved away from the normal areas of diversity, gender and ethnicity and expanded it to include sexual orientation and trans, class, religion, thought processes and social economic diversity”. They promised to make the staff more LGBT-inclusive by 2020, according to their plan 8% of workers should be LGBT by then.


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