Blue Power Ranger star David Yost talks about undergoing ‘gay cure therapy’


The 49-year-old quit the franchise at the height of its success after being subjected to homophobic abuse, he struggle to accept himself and his sexuality and tried to find a way to change. But ‘gay cure therapy’, to which he was subjected for 2 years, left him mentally broken. He was looking for help but instead he received a religious brainwash that made everything a billion times worse. “After my nervous breakdown it took me years to be comfortable and really be open about myself. It wasn’t an overnight process and it took a long time to be happy and comfortable,” he told Out in Perth. As for being kicked out of the show, he does not want this sad incident to influence on what fans think about it. “I’m a part of a show that has become iconic over the last 25 years and I want the fans of the show to really focus on all the positive things that they got out of the show, and not on the stuff that goes on behind the scenes,” he said.


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