Actor Brian Falduto spoke about homophobic bullying


Brian Falduto, who played sassy band stylist Billy, aka Fancy Pants, in hit Jack Black comedy School of Rock has spoken out about how his real-life classmates reacted on his character, which, as Brian confesses, was changed by the producers to fit his own self because they liked his special little things and the energy he brought. These producers deserve a great praise, don’t you agree? But for classmates it did not go well and one of them even founded a club of his haters, the mission of which was to offend the boy regularly and o abuse him with hateful slurs. The head of the club was suspended as the teachers noticed it, but it made a situation even worse because the rest of the club blamed Brian and tried to revenge him for their friend. Falduto, who is now a life coach and is open about his sexuality, said that the bullying left him used to the role of the victim and now it is very hard for him to build relationships with other people. “You accept that you’re not going to be happy, so you get used to sadness, and you create this self-sabotaging thing,” he added,“In life, we have to make decisions every day. We have to do things that we think are going to help us achieve our goals. And for someone who, for their entire life, thought that what they felt was wrong, moving forward with the confidence towards your goals is difficult.”


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