It is now easier to change gender marker in birth and death certificates in New Jersey


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has signed two landmark bills facilitating trans people’s expression of their preferred gender identity in official documents. Specifically, bill S.478 removes the requirement of surgery to have their gender marker changed, though not all people can allow themselves this surgery — it is very expensive. Instead, people will be required to sign a form affirming under penalty of perjury that the modification is required to reflect the way they identify. The form reads: “I, (petitioner’s full name), hereby attest under penalty of perjury that the request for a change in gender to (female, male, or undesignated/non-binary) is to conform my legal gender to my gender identity and is not for any fraudulent purpose.” The bill is known as the Babs Siperstein Law, in honor of transgender activist and politician Barbra “Babs” Siperstein, a New Jersey native who became the first transgender member of the Democratic National Committee 8 years ago.


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