Gay Lib Dem peer Brian Paddick takes PrEP


Brian Paddick, formerly the most senior-ranking gay policeman in the UK, has revealed that he is taking the HIV-preventing PrEP drugs. The former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Met Police told the website Prepster that he found out about PrEP from a nurse when he was on a regular check-up and thought it would be a great variant for him because he could not say that he would never have sexual contacts with HIV+ people (moreover, he already had, but used condoms, which made him feel very uncomfortable). Although he knew he was gay, the cop-turned-politician says that being in a heterosexual marriage from 1983 – 1988 may have saved his life. During the AIDS crisis people did not know about the potential danger of this disease, there were no protective measures and many gay men were just unaware why to use condoms, so if he had gay sex by then, he could have been dead already. “Of course, HIV is no longer the threat it used to be and having an undetectable viral load means you can’t pass it on but what if your sexual partner isn’t aware that they’re positive? Getting checked, and getting treatment if you are positive, is so important,” he insists.


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