Janet Mock is to be the first black trans TV show director


One of the episodes of the Ryan Murphy’s LGBT-themed show Pose was written and directed by the transgender rights activist and writer Janet Mock. It makes her the first transgender woman of color to direct the TV show, which is a really groundbreaking step for the modern TV industry. Set in the late 1980s, Pose focuses on life and society in New York City, from its iconic ball culture to the rise of the Donald Trump-like billionaires, against the backdrop of the AIDS crisis. The trans diversity of the show is already impressive because no the TV show included so many transgender people in the cast before. Mock, who was included in the prestigious Time 100 Most Influential People in the World this year for her work as an advocate for “marginalised communities everywhere,” had no previous experience directing or writing for television. She told Murphy she wanted this opportunity to “tell stories and to create the mirrors that I didn’t have growing up,” as she recalled in a recent article for Variety.


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