LGBT activists in Poland are prosecuted for ‘desecrating a national symbol’


LGBT+ activists attended the first-ever Pride parade in Częstochowa, a city in southern Poland — home to the one of the country’s most important pilgrimage sites, the Jasna Góra Monastery. And they used the Polish national symbol, the White Eagle, which is traditionally used as the national coat of arms of Poland, on the rainbow flag, which the state considered to be a serious offense. The Minister for Internal Affairs Joachim Brudziński released a statement on Twitter thanking the police for their service during the march, which was contested by a group of anti-LGBT people. Brudziński then accused the LGBT+ activists of provoking pilgrims, adding that the police should be notified about what they have done with the national symbol. “The policemen reacted and, in this case, charges will be pressed for contempt and desecration of the national symbols. That’s the Polish police is so trusted among Polish people” he wrote. No arrests have been made, but if the guilt of desecrating is proven, the activists will be punished with a fine or short-term imprisonment.


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