Study finds that same-sex couples have all chances to be perfect parents


Children of same-sex couples showed fewer psychological problems than those who have a mother and a father,, the Italian scientists confirmed. The study, titled “Same-Sex and Different-Sex Parent Families in Italy: Is Parents’ Sexual Orientation Associated with Child Health Outcomes and Parental Dimensions?” and published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, surveyed 70 gay fathers, 125 lesbian mothers, and 195 heterosexual parents of children aged from 3 to 11. The participants were asked questions related to their background and sexual orientation as well as their confidence in their relationships between one another and the way they fulfill their parental duties. The responses to the anonymous online questionnaire showed that out of the groups surveyed, gay fathers had the highest level of confidence and satisfaction with the status of parents. The researchers, who were based at the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, and the Population Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin, US, also noted that gay fathers who responded to the survey were “significantly older, economically better off, better educated, and in a more stable relationship” compared to other groups of parents. “Our findings should warn policy makers against making assumptions on the basis of sexual orientation that certain people are more suited than others to be parents or that some people should be restricted from accessing fertility treatments, as is currently the case in Italy,” the researchers concluded, referring to that fact that the Italian government refuses to provide legal support for LGBT families.


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