Taylor Swift shared the stage with a lesbian icon Hayley Kiyoko


What can be better than a fabulous blonde tearing the crowd apart with her vocal on the stage? Only TWO fabulous blondes doing so! Hayley Kiyoko, whom her fans call no other than a lesbian version of Jesus, has crossed her ways with the former country star when she condemned heteronormativity in songs, saying that if Swift could sing about boys all the time, then why cannot she sing about girls? Swifties, the fans of Taylor, condemned these words, but Taylor herself said that Kiyoko was totally right — and now they sing a lesbian love song ‘Curious’ together. The performance at the 66,000-capacity Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts as a part of Taylor’s stadium tour, it is the first stadium experience for Hayley. “This is someone whose music I’m absolutely obsessed with,” Swift said, “This is someone who I think is one of the most exciting new artists out here. And she’s here to play for you tonight. I’m really serious about this, it’s her first time in a stadium. Is it going to be the loudest stadium?” Hayley, in turn, noted that she still could not comprehand what had happened.


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