British government does not plan an LGBT rights envoy


In the US, the Obama administration had introduced a dedicated envoy for global LGBT rights in 2015, to advocate for respect for human rights of LGBT people across the world full-time. But this position is vacant for more than a year, since Donald Trump came to power. Activists have called for the UK to take up the work being abandoned by the US on global LGBT rights, but the government’s LGBT action plan does not involve it. In a response to a question in Parliament from the SNP’s Stewart McDonald, Foreign Office minister Victoria Atkins appeared to rule out such a post, stating that currently it is much more important to spread tolerance and tackle discrimination. We consider that it is more effective to promote the rights of LGBT people as part of a broader approach to equality and non-discrimination, and through the regular engagement of FCO Ministers and officials at our Embassies and High Commissions overseas. We have no current plans to appoint a Special Envoy to work exclusively on LGBT rights”.


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