Chloe Grace Moretz’ s ‘gay cure therapy’ film has its first trailer out


A trailer has been released for the upcoming film The Miseducation of Cameron Post, directed by Desiree Akhavan and based on the same-named novel by Emily M. Danfort about a lesbian girl named Cameron who was sent to conversion camp by conservative relatives. The trailer shows Post as she signs papers to be taken a gay conversion therapy camp, with an official telling her that from now she is a disciple of God. The video shows Post as she navigates her time at the camp, where she is told she must overcome her “struggle” with a ‘sin’ of lesbianism. Along the way, she makes friends with Adam and Jane from the camp, through smoking weed and sharing stories of their experience of conversion therapy. However, the video also shows Post expressing anger over being in the camp at all, she does not want to feel guilty for the way she is. Moretz spoke out about the harsh realities of gay conversion camps in America at the film’s premiere in January. “The (Trump) administration actually completely believes in conversion therapy. Mike Pence tried to get it state-funded when he was Senator, so it is a very real problem,” said the actress.


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