Governor of Maine vetoes the ‘gay cure therapy’ ban


The Governor of Maine Paul LePage is facing anger from LGBT activists after he vetoed a law that was going to legally forbid so-called conversion therapy practices performed on minors across the state. Maine lawmakers voted last month for bill which prohibits licensed medical and mental health practitioners from trying to ‘cure’ children from being LGBT, though it has been scientifically proven that such practices don’t work, but they cause a serious mental and moral harm. However, the state’s pro-Trump Republican governor Paul LePage decided to veto the bill. In a statement LePage claimed the law was “a threat to an individual’s religious liberty”, in other words he was just afraid of the reaction of the religious anti-LGBT lobby. “Parents have the right to seek counsel and treatment for their children from professionals who do not oppose the parents’ own religious beliefs. No evidence has been presented during the many public meetings on this subject that indicates that conversion therapy is being used by anyone, including licensed professionals, in the State of Maine,” said the governor.


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