Olly Alexander is irritated by oppressive masculinity culture


Years and Years frontman insists that the modern pop culture is straightwashing people and tries to infuse stereotypes about masculinity that rarely have something in common with real-life men. Alexander made the comments in a wide-ranging interview with PAPER magazine, saying that he is sorry for straight men who don’t allow themselves to be emotional and to express themselves the way they really feel because they draw some invisible lines inside their heads telling themselves what a ‘real man’ should and shouldn’t do. He also said that he speaks about sex a lot because there are many people who are just afraid to open up about it. One thing is when people don’t want to, it is their choice and their right. But another thing is when people treat sex like something dirty, forbidden and terrifying, especially when it comes to gay men, who are stereotypically believed to be addicted to sex. Olly explains that some of them really are, but on the other hand some straight men can be addicted to sex too, but others are not. However, nobody makes a conclusion that all straight men can sleep with anything that moves, but as for gay people there is such a myth and it is really hard to dispel it.


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