The new law about surrogacy in Israel excludes same-sex couples


A new bill in Israel is set to allow single women access to surrogacy, however the law did not include same-sex couples as it was previously expected. Surrogacy laws in Israel are extremely strict, and up until now the only people allowed access to surrogacy in the country were opposite-sex couples that are officially married and have medically proven problems with fertility. It is currently illegal for gay couples to use a surrogate mother in Israel, but it is not forbidden to do it abroad if they have such a wish. The bill passed through Israel’s Labor, Welfare and Health Committee on Monday by an 8-4 vote in favor of the new legislation, despite pleas from LGBT+ politicians to cater for their needs. It will now pass to Israel’s assembly, the Knesset, where it will likely be voted into law. Amir Ohana, who is an openly gay representative for Israel’s Likud party, proposed an amendment to the legislation which would allow gay couples access to surrogacy, however it was defeated. He spoke openly about his own experience of accessing surrogacy outside of Israel, and says it was very complicated. Itzik Shmuli, who is a representative for the Zionist Union party and is openly gay, also objected to the restrictions against gay couples accessing surrogacy.


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